Monday, 3 May 2010

St Austell & Newquay - a difficult choice

I was reading the interesting blogpost from Cornish Zetetist about the choice facing voters in St Austell & Newquay on Thursday where it is argued that voters have the chance to vote for something truly different by choosing Mebyon Kernow.

While I agree there is something which I am sure will be in the minds of many voters who are considering putting a cross against Dick Cole for the first time - it would take a very large shift in the vote to give Dick Cole enough to be elected and it would appear to be too large a shift to make it possible.

And that is where the problem lies - for those who may be considering switching their allegiance from Lib Dem or Labour to MK there will be a fear that by doing so they could let the Conservative party in through the back door - something, I'm sure, supporters of Lib Dem, Lab and MK would not want to see.

So there is an argument for those wavering over their decision - who also do not want to see a Tory victory - to support the Lib Dems in this constituency. There is a loyal core of support for the Lib Dems in the St Austell and clay areas thanks to Matthew Taylor's long stint as MP and by ensuring Stephen Gilbert is elected it would mean that the door is closed to the Tories.

Having said all that there has been a surge in support for Dick Cole and MK (see how the odds have been slashed by the bookmakers) and he has always had a good deal of support from a lot of people in the clay areas as well as support from people in both St Austell and Newquay - but in terms of the general election he is still a relative outsider.

There could be a lot of people in this constituency on Thursday who find themselves weighing up a decision from the heart with a decision from the head.


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