Monday, 3 May 2010

Broken society and other Cameronisms

So I have just seen the latest election broadcast from the Conservative Party - of interest partly because some of it was filmed in Newquay.

As I watched it I wondered about some of the grand statements that Cameron has been coming out with in this campaign. One of the main things seems to be his "big society" idea and his claims that our society is "broken". Now, I would have thought that for society to be "broken" we would have some kind of chaos and disorder in evidence - the only chaos I can remember in recent memory has been the protests over banks (institutions which are clearly supported by the Tories) and the protests over the war in Iraq (again, something supported by the Tories). So is society really broken? If it is I would like to see the evidence.

Then we have the continued utterances of "change" being possible under the Tories. According to Cameron in that broadcast this "change" can only happen if we all work together - which is funny because I have been reading a lot over the past couple of weeks about Cameron's warnings over the possibility of a hung Parliament, something which would mean that political parties would have to work together.....

As part of Cameron's "big society" he wants more voluntary work, he wants 16-year-olds to carry out national community service - I would be interested to find out just how much voluntary work Mr Cameron and his entire shadow cabinet have ever done in their lives...

It's also interesting that while Mr Cameron is keen to foist this national voluntary service onto the nation's 16-year-olds he is not so keen to lower the age of voting to 16 - funny that.

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