Monday, 3 May 2010

posters, posters, posters

Driving around Cornwall at the moment you'd have to blind not to realise that there's an election going on. Everywhere you look there are orange, blue, red and white posters all over the place. Now other than littering our countryside (particularly the Tory ones which appear to mostly be encouraging sheep to vote) what purpose do they serve?

I mean, does anyone honestly make their decision on who to vote for depending on how many posters there are for that candidate in their particular neighbourhood? I would have hoped that that kind of mentality would be left to the sheep...(maybe the Tories have got the right idea then?!)

No, it would seem that it is just a form of willy-waving for election candidates - who can get the biggest posters up and in the most areas.

I just hope that all the parties are responsible enough to collect them all up afterwards and recycle them....


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