Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Can you say that more clearly please?

So, the election campaign is full swing - well it is here in Cornwall if the amount of leaflets that are dropping through my letterbox on a daily basis are any indication. They range from the glossy affairs which appear from the Tories all with Dave grinning out in that weird, slightly creepy fashion that he adopts to the faux newspapers which appear from the Lib Dems and look more like a school newspaper project.

However, while they might come in slightly different forms there is something which does unite them - none of them actually tell me in any kind of substance what the candidates are going to do for the constituency that I live in or Cornwall as a whole.

Living in the St Austell and Newquay constituency I have had countless leaflets from Caroline Righton and Stephen Gilbert - and all they seem to want to tell me is how they were born in the county (Stephen) or that they wish they had been born in the county and love it so much (Caroline). Oh and they also both seem keen to tell me that I need to vote for one of them as voting for anyone else would be a waste of time....

And, of course, each leaflet has to have at least 20 pictures of the candidates themselves, in Caroline's case either with Dave or with one of the Tory shadow ministers of whom there appear to be a small army, even shadowing ministers who don't exist...

Admittedly I haven't seen any leaflets from any other parties yet, but I sincerely hope that when they do start to send me any literature they remember to include something in them which resembles some kind of policy should they be elected.

I realise that politics in this country appears to be turning evermore into a popularity contest with elections in the future more likely to resemble an episode of Britain's Got Talent - but for some of us there is no surer way of ensuring our support than actually telling us what you plan to do.

The only issue either the Tories or Lib Dems appear to actually talk about is the incinerator but even then they don't appear to have any practical alternative to offer and just seem to be bleating on about it because they realise that opposing it here is one way of guaranteeing at least some votes.

It's a massive black hole out there at the moment - the lack of detail and information is astonishing.

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